Flatbed Towing on Route 7

Flatbed Towing Team Tows Little Debbie Delivery Truck!

A flatbed towing team came to the rescue of a delivery truck in Paeonian Springs, VA. The truck was delivering a trailer-load of Little Debbie cakes when the driver noticed smoke coming from the rear of his truck.

Not wanting to risk a fire, the delivery truck driver immediately pulled over and called a towing company. Adam’s Towing responded to the call and quickly dispatched their nearest tow truck to the customer’s location. Once the tow truck driver did a quick assessment of the truck, it was immediately apparent that he wouldn’t be able to complete the tow himself.

By this point, the rear brakes on the delivery truck had begun locking up. If the tow truck driver were to use his wheel-lift truck, the rear wheels would still be rolling on the ground. The driver called in his colleague with a flatbed trailer to complete the tow. 

The flatbed towing team arrived on scene in no time and jumped straight to work. They noted that the winching angle would be too steep for the long delivery truck. Wanting to avoid damaging the truck, the team set up ramps on the back of the trailer. The ramps made all the difference and Adam’s was able to winch the truck onto the trailer with less than 2 mm of clearance! 

The tow truck driver towed the vehicle to the customer’s preferred repair shop in Ashburn, VA. The Little Debbie cakes were finally safe!

The tow truck operator breathed a sigh of relief as he was finally able to clear the area. What was the rush, you ask? The delivery truck had broken down on Route 7 at the peak of a hill. Unfortunately, the majority of passing motorists did not slow down or move over and instead drove dangerously close to the tow truck operator. 

Please remember to slow down and move over when you see a tow truck driver on the side of the road. They have families waiting for them to come home!

flatbed towing

Flatbed Towing Team Tows Little Debbie Delivery Truck!

A flatbed towing team saved the day in Paeonian Springs after a wheel-lift tow truck team called in for back-up. The flatbed towing team drove to the customer’s location on Route 7. Once at the scene, the flatbed towing team assessed the situation.

The flatbed towing team noted that the delivery truck was quite long. Should the flatbed team have attempted to winch the delivery truck onto the trailer without using ramps, they would have damaged the vehicle.

Wanting to avoid damaging the truck at all costs, the flatbed towing team set up ramps. The towing team slowly began to winch the delivery truck onto the flatbed trailer. When it was on, the flatbed towing team secured the delivery truck to the trailer.

The customer had requested that the team tow the truck to a repair facility in Ashburn, VA. With the truck at the repair facility, the towing team made their way back to Adam’s Towing in Leesburg, VA.

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